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# Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lego keep coming up with new minifigs and along with them new vehicles, 7753 Pirate Tank gives us 2 new lego minifigs: Hondo Ohnaka and Turk Falso (sorry, I actually get to know them only by now),  Obi-Wan Kenobi is not new, but nice to have if you haven't got him already.

At around USD 50 in Hong Kong, I would still consider this a good buy, with 372 pieces including 3 minifigs (2 new and rare ones), again, the value would be determined by the quality of the vehicle. And for this one, I would give it a thumbs up.

The vehicle is not looking great actually, and honestly I haven't seen it in the Star War movie or TV series before, just did some research on the web and gradually knowing more about these pirate guys and their tank, but I found the design quite interesting, specifically the rising seat, but together with the minifigs the whole thing suddenly makes sense, a guy holding two guns appearing from the vehicle and starting combat action!

The Technic mechanism for the rising seat:

The covering plates for the compartment of the rising seat:

Rising for combat actions:

Besides, the two minifigs are good, at first impression, Hondo may appear to be a bad guy, but after some reading I think the character is a complex one, better watch the episodes before jumping into conclusion, and for now, let me just take a nice shot of this guy:


Hondo Ohnaka:


Turk Falso


Aside from the rising seat, the firing missiles at the back is just a small thing, but the missile firing mechanism at the front seems quite new to me (pushing a plate), the wings at the front are not very stable but the rest are fine, I also enjoy building the wings at back, as they are solid and well designed, and the vehicles happens to have wheels too, well, I almost forgot, it is a tank and not a plane.

Front missiles, can be triggered by pushing the gray plate


Missiles at the back, hand pushed, nothing special


The wheels, well, without seeing this, I almost forgot that I was building a "Tank"

The wings (or are they wings? Correct me if I am wrong), these two pieces are not very stable and can easily get loose

Tail wing Internal, just to show how it is built

Tail wing completed, very solid

Anyway, overall I would strongly recommend getting this set, after all, it is not expensive, why miss it?


Satisfied with final work, so put the stickers on

The fully completed Lego 7753 Pirate Tank!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 4:21:43 PM (China Standard Time, UTC+08:00)
Wow!! Nice blog you have here! I'm really glad to find it. Good review on this new Pirate Tank.

The price is really cheap! Is this after sales price or retail price? Retail price for this set can easily reach USD 100 here in Malaysia. *sigh*
Thursday, July 16, 2009 12:09:24 PM (China Standard Time, UTC+08:00)
USD 100 is really too high and unreasonable, the price I mentioned (USD 50 - HKD 398.90 to be exact) is the official price sold in ToysRUS Hong Kong.


And Star Card members of ToysRUS can use discount coupons ($10 for every $100 purchase), in other shops they may even sell at a lower price (5% to 10% less)

Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a message, it is always good to know that the effort is not wasted :-)
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