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# Friday, April 2, 2010

More than a year ago I was thinking of building a boat MOC, and I bought a set of 8636 for the boat base parts, but due to work the plan was totally abandoned and the lego set was opened but unattended until now - the Atlantis set reminded me of this nearly forgotten Lego asset.

Somehow I got an impression that this Lego Agent set did not seem to be a hot item, not many people talked about it and it was on shelf for a long time, and were even on sale for a very low price! Looking at the box, I think it may not have triggered a lot of excitment except perhaps the glow-in-the-dark octopus, but after I built it, I think I appreciate this set more than the Atlantis ones.

The boat that I bought this set for is not that impressive really, although the torpedo launcher and the head lights looks quite nice to me, but the overall design and color mix is too ordinary, and beware of the flick-fire action, it is very strong and can hurt.

What really impress me in this set is the submarine, if you compare it to a traditional submarine, you might say that this is nowhere like it, but if you consider it as a small underwater combat vehicle, it is indeed an impressive one. With a flip-up missle launcher and side missiles, plus a Bionicle claw at the front, it is well armed. The compartments for keeping a chest box is also a nice design, as well as the docking mechanism for the small sub, the whole vehicle is good for play and display. I would even imagine myself manuvering the vehicle in deep sea!

The submarine has a periscope that can raise

The minifigs are not what I care really, but I think the octopus is very valuable, it really glows in the dark as expected (yeah, of course it would you might say), and I guess it is available only from this set.

Although this set provides nice stickers, putting stickers on is still the most difficult tasks and the most annoying one, it is important to do the task carefully, or else it would spoil the overall look of the submarine and other vehicles.

Imagine how this sea scooter would look if the stick is poorly applied

8636 Deep Sea Quest is a wonderful set and contains a lot of good parts, I got it at regular price but still consider it an acceptable deal, it was a pity I was not able to grab another one when it was on sale, not really because I did not want to, but just were not able to buy one during that time.

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