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# Thursday, October 29, 2009

When I first heard about the games theme from Lego, honestly there were not much excitement, first of all, I am not especially fond of this kind of game (instead I like X-BOX games), and secondly, my impression is that Lego is not a company good at this kind of stuff.

But after coming across 3840 Pirate Code by chance, it somehow caught my attention, and since a local vendor is selling it at HKD 279 (Around 22 Pound sterling), a 1.3X mark-up for a low cost product is truly acceptable, and I think perhaps I can play this with my kid too.

Nice packaging! Why can't all Lego sets boxes be designed this way?

And the result? Well, I would say this set is a jewel, not that it is a great game, but that it is a well-designed model that can be used to play a game in the pirates spirit, and its parts inventory is very interesting!

It is not a set for minifig collector, as there is no real Pirates elements in this set for that sense, the only "minifig" is a skeleton, but the game is about guessing the pirate secret code, and the most cunning pirate will win, the secret code is expressed in a mix of colored gems (6 colors). And guess results and hints can be expressed according to some rules. Honestly, I am really not a fan of these type of games, I would rather play Gears Of War II instead, so I am not going to play it now, and really can't elaborate any further.

The model is very interesting, built out of many high value parts, you got big number of stud plates, panel and other parts that you cannot possibly get in such quantity from a set! An example, for gems alone, you get 72 pieces of them (12 X 6 colors)! Checking out how much each of these will cost in bricklink, you'll know what you have got! By the way, as of now, the parts list are not inventorized at peeron yet, the photo below gives you a good idea on what's in the set.

The building process:

I like the treasure boxes a lot!


The dice! The "thing" beside it is used as a tool to remove the tiles easily

Not many left overs, but ok as the parts inventory is already very rich.

It seems to me that the games theme is available in Europe but not in USA, the price I got it in Hong Kong is still ok, the model is good and the parts can be a good supplement for building MOCs.

With my experiences on this 3840 Pirate Code, I think I need to take a serious look into other sets in the Games theme.

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