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# Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Traditionally the smallest set in a Lego theme is usually best for minifig collection, and it is also true for the Prince of Persia theme. But for this theme, which in my opinion offers some of the best minifigs in recent Lego productions, that set should be extra attractive.

After a very positive experience with the largest set in the theme (7573 Battle of Alamut), I would say I have the same level of satisfaction with 7569 Desert Attack, only one caveat, the price mark-up is too high for Hong Kong! Sold at HKD 138.90 (USD 17.80), it is a 162% mark-up! And that price is close to the selling price of 7570 in U.S.! Although I can take advantage of coupons, but such official pricing is very discouraging.

Minifigs obviously are the center of the set, you get the same Dastan from other sets, but you can get Claw Hassansin and Hatchet Hassansin only from 7567, the skeleton is a nice extra, but the horse is also a star item here.

The armour plate of Claw Hassansin looks cool on him, and we got three claws! one is extra! - Picture on right are the extras

There is nothing special about the structure, except the gray plant and sand color plant bush, which are new I think, Desert is a mysterious landscape and this theme gives us now the necessary elements to bring it to the world of Lego!

There are two pieces of Gem that can be hidden under the gray plant plate

The double sword Destan is really a very cool minifig, especially with the double face, which shows the gentle and heroic sides of the personality, it would be fun to try to create combat scenes with him.

Saturday, April 24, 2010 6:50:04 AM (China Standard Time, UTC+08:00)
SWEET! you should do a prince of persia MOC!
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