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# Monday, June 27, 2011

I have noticed this set for sometime but the size and look of the box picture was not too attractive, but with a small investment I still managed to get a set and build it over the weekend.

The key reason for driving me to buy this set is Asajj Ventress, a few weeks ago I noticed that the prize of the version of this minifig from 7676 is very high at around USD30! And in fact 7676 was the only set with Ventress before 7957 comes out, the 7676 version contains a skirt cloth but this 7957 version in my opionion has a more combat feel (or sports feel) and looks slimmer.

The other minifig Savage Opress is the other lego minifig with a horned head aside from Darth Maul in 7961, and Anakin Skywalker also got a new and IMHO better torso pattern, besides, all the minifigs has back printing, so this set does contain very special minifig inventory.

But the vehicle is also very nice, usually Lego speeders are very simple but this set provides a sophisticated combo night speeder system with a base and engine on the left, and two speeders that can be detached, and can be connected to the base with a bar stick. The vehicle has good swooshability, I am not very fond of missiles but playing with the speeders is quite fun enough for me.

The two speeders are very sleek, building the set is fun and the techniques are inspiring, but the biggest surprise is the six printed slope bricks, which are used for the front, it is interesting that Lego designed this to be a combo of printed and stickered slopes, and perhaps it is the printed slopes that makes this set relatively pricey, and if the back slopes are also printed, the price could go so high that the set will sell badly if they do so, therefore Lego have to take a Balance, but on the other hand, if the set uses all printed parts, it would probably make the set so special and become a hot collector item, though Lego needs to be careful about the message to the market, but after all, this is an interesting set and the Lego decision for including the six printed slope bricks can be very interesting too.

This set is a must buy despite the relatively higher price for its size, but for the price range, it is a light investment to get a set that includes exclusive cool minifigs and an unique vehicle with special design, not to mention the unusual inventory of six printed slope bricks with nice pattern, this is a special Lego Starwar set to collect.

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