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# Monday, April 5, 2010

After completing Lego Prince of Persia 7573 Battle of Alamut, and reading through reviews of other Prince of Persia sets on the web, I stand firm in my conclusion that this is the best value set in the theme, and is truly an excellent set that I would applause Lego for doing a great job.

Basically I do not see any cons in the set, but there are many pros that I would like to point out:

Excellent minifigs and creatures
It is actually very obvious for most sets in the theme. In 7573 you have a complete masculine cast of warriors with different characteristics:

The cool and handsome Dastan, supported by his friend Seso

The Antagonist warriors headed by Nizam including Gool, Tamah and the Alamat guards

The cunning Tamah minifig looks very real with his malicious smirk!

Although the camel is available is also available in 7571 (The fight for the dagger), this is a tan one and I read that the one from 7571 has a different color, I think I would get the 7571 soon and shall confirm it.

Great castle

Need to say more? the new Sand Orange like color + tan + white combination creates good effect! Four sections linked together to form the complete structure

Beautiful golden dome, the quarter-moon shape parts create an effect that looks like a "ribbon effect" to me!


A nice mini-throne


Rich parts inventory
Parts wise it is very generous in terms of spares, and contains a rich varieties of new or high value parts. This set also introduces a lot of new parts: The bigger doors that looks good even from the other side, gold domes, smooth edge archs, and many others. But honestly, it is hard to think about using this set for parts only, perhaps combining 2 sets to build an even bigger castle would make sense.

Bag 1+2 for Castle gate and minifigs, Bag 3 and 4 for the two sides respectively, Bag 5,6,7 for the main tower


Spare parts, dagger may not count as the other one can be held in Nizam's hand 

Excellent playability

hinged section linking


Nice Doors looking good from both sides of the wall

The use of 1 x 4 stub bricks allows Dastan to "walk" on the wall

The retractable stairs is also very interesting!

Breaking door

Catapults and Oil pouring devices

The Dagger is very cool! So is the way it is stored

By the way, I got this for HKD 789.9 after using HKD 80 coupons off the standard price of HKD 869.9, which translates into around USD 100, which is around 25% mark-up over the US Pricing of USD 80, this is already a very good price point as most mark-ups are above 50%.

Overall the theme reflects a unique middle eastern culture behind the story line and the lego design does it so well, however, the smaller sets cannot show a grand picture of the theme line and are limited by the size, some may say that the castle can still be bigger, but at his price range, 821 parts + 7 minifigs + camel, 7573 gives very good value in terms of "price-performance", with a size that is good enough to give a feel of "magnificence"

I would highly recommend this set!