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# Saturday, February 6, 2010

I was able to trigger quite a lot of feedbacks after I posted my reviews on two Lego Ben 10 sets (8409 and 8519), including the following poll results as of this moment (around 5 day period):

From Pockyland (Taiwan) - 95 votes
對 Ben 10 系列的設計方向, ,我會: 
支持 (Support)     5.26% (5)
反對 (Against)    51.58% (49)
觀望 (Observing)   22.11% (21)
無意見 (No opinion)  21.05% (20)

From Eurobricks - 72 votes
Opinion regarding this design trend:
Like                                  8.33% (6)
Don't like                          66.67% (48)
Unsure at the moment          8.33% (6)
Don't care                        16.67% (12)

Despite some variations in numbers, the trend is rather consistent, there are vocal negative feelings from these audiences even if they can simply choose to ignore it, in a way it may reflect that there are lots of people who do not like to see Lego doing this.

I think Lego needs to handle this with care, especially when they try to include such parts into other lines, or extend similar design ideas into other themes, the fundamental challenge with this Ben 10 type of Lego, in my opinion, would be mainly the big deviation from the lego bricks and parts, a even bigger deviation from Bionicle. And another issue would be the lack of building experiences and flexibility to build from smaller parts. In general, it is very un-lego, even though I would say the design itself is quite interesting, and the thing as a toy is quite fun, especially for young kids.

From a sales perspective, Lego may wish to both tackle new market segment for quick revenue, and as well attract new customer base to the Lego brand, which in the long run, would benefit all existing themes. Whether the Ben 10 fans would embrace this Lego version of Ben 10 is yet to be seen (pricing and other alternatives being factors), but this may distort people's perception on the true value of Lego from their first experience.

These two boxes of Ben 10 Lego will be kept at a dark corner in the bottom of my storage place, but I would not regret investing in them, who knows, may be a few decades later, it would emerge with high value, just like many rare stuffs that is rare because of very short life span.