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# Thursday, January 14, 2010

For Lego Starwars collectors, there is no such thing as which one to get when it comes to 8083 (Rebel Trooper Battle Pack) and 8084 (Snowtrooper Battle Pack), we'll sure get both. But if somehow you have to choose only one, well, despite my attachment to the Hoth Rebels, I would say 8084 provides better overall value.

It is not just the Snowtroopers, the new AT-AT Driver and Imperial Officer, these minifigs can be the main reason why people grab them, but the set offers more in the other "equipments" - I especially like the speeder bike, it is very well designed and has very good playability, when you check out the speeder bikes in other sets, such as:

30005: Imperial Speeder Bike
7128: Speeder Bikes
7139: Ewok Attack
4483: AT-AT .... you may agree that this one in 8084 is one of the better designs (if not the best) that Lego provides in a set, especially when it comes with a low cost set that includes 4 minifigs which are all very useful!

The mini outpost is small and looks impoverished, but the missile launcher is quite good as some playability can be provided with a few simple parts.

In terms of future appreciation, I expect this set to do well, so keeping a few additional sets can be a good idea even if you are not a trader.