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# Friday, October 23, 2009

When you ask a Lego Star Wars fan on which vehicle is the symbol of the series, I guess many would say X-Wing, I still remember years back when 6212 was so scarce in the market, many would have been willing to pay 2 times the original price to get one, but in comparison, 7658 Y-Wing Fighter has been on cold shelf and even today, some shops have to sell it as bargain item.

The same fate hits 8037, Anakin's Y-wing Starfighter, so I ask myself, is Y-Wing ugly? Is it lacking the exposure or charisma to be a Star? Personally I think the vehicle is great, the two special big nacelles is a unique design, the many small pieces of bricks peppered over the main body reminds me of a sophisticated vessal sailing the oceans, so what's wrong with it that makes it a poor seller?

Could the answer lies in the minifigs? Comparing 7658 to 6212 in terms of minifigs is definitely a big mismatch, 8037 includes a special version of R2 but all Lego Star Wars fans must have obtained Anakin and Ashoka from other sets long ago.

So let's take a look at the building sequence of 8037:

I think 8037 lacks playability, as you got only a firing missile and one of two not so interesting moving parts, and the chamber for Ahsoka is badly designed, not only it is too small, it lacks maneuverability, the sides are also too hefty, and the use of stickers in this case is very disappointing. As far as the Y-Wing itself is concerned, I think it is a great vehicle to have, but personally I like 7658 much better, though for completeness, I need to have a 8037 too.

Two Y-Wings side by side comparison:


If having one Y-Wing is good enough for you, I would suggest 7658, it is simply elegant!